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Ioannis Dadiotis was born in Aigio, Greece in 1997. During his school years he won several awards by the Hellenic Mathematical Society for his outstanding performance in mathematical competitions and olympiads. In August 2020 he graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics at the University of Patras (GR) with the highest grade distinction, "Excellent" (top 2 %, ranked 3rd out of 189 students of his class). In November 2020 he joined the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) as a Research Fellow working on optimization-based motion planning for quadrupedal locomotion. Currently, he is a PhD student at the University of Genoa (IT) working within the Humanoid & Human Centered Mechatronics Lab in IIT. His main research interests span the fields of robot motion planning and control, automation and mechatronics.

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Dadiotis I., Laurenzi A., Tsagarakis N.
Whole-body MPC for highly redundant legged manipulators: experimental evaluation with a 37 DoF dual-arm quadruped
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Dadiotis I., Laurenzi A., Tsagarakis N.G.
Trajectory Optimization for Quadruped Mobile Manipulators that Carry Heavy Payload
IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robotics, HUMANOIDS
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